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  • Oleg Leviton

    A stern and somewhat unimaginative man, Oleg owns Oleg's Trading Post a small and remote trading post on the southern edge of Rostland.

  • Akiros Ismort

    This mysterious figure was encountered at the Stag Lord's Fort. First simply observing your actions then actually lending you aid in the battle. Didn't talk with the party at all afterwards and was seen heading north from the Fort. The party ran into …

  • Jhod Kavken

    Jhod came to the Greenbelt on a vision of an old temple guarded by a bear, to which he quickly put Alexander to work finding. After the party discovered the Temple of the Elk and defeated its guardian you brought the cleric to it and it is where he is …

  • Kesten Garess

    Moody and morose, Kesten holds the position of captain of the guards at Oleg's Trading Post.

  • Svetlana Leveton

    Wife of Oleg, Svetlana is a warm and charming young woman. Come to the Greenbelt with her husband, they have been hard at work repairing the old trading post.

  • Mikmek

    Originally rescued from the Mite lair, Mikmek is a young impressionable kobold who was given a maraca and now follows the party everywhere.

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